Treatment Packages

Now with all these experience in the field of Ayurveda, Chempenkulam Ayurveda Hospital aims at destroying the “vikruthy Dosah” (unwanted elements) that are accumulated in the body through out one’s life. It purifies the body and strengthens the natural immunity to help a person to live a healthy and happy long life. Several treatments are employed for the same without any modifications from the traditional methods.

1. Svasta Kalpa

This package of treatment is for destroying the tensions of the body and the mind, and keeping it calm and composed, thereby giving a new vigor to it.

2. Lavanya Kalpa

As the name indicates, it is a beauty treatment based on the Ayurvedic tradition so as to increase one’s charm and vigor.

3. Arogya Kalpa

It is meant to keep off the ‘doshas”, i.e. to destroy the unwanted elements deposited in the body to enhance the functions of each and every part of the body, and give it new freshness and happiness of health.

4. Sukha Kalpa

This is a special treatment formulated by the Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala. It aims at keeping away the illness that is caused by the changes in the climatic conditions. The ‘tridoshas’ (vata, pitta, kapha) are kept under control.

5. Panchakarma Kalpa

It keeps the Tridoshas” of body in abeyance, and empowers the body and mind. Immunity power is strengthened.

6. Sudhi Kalpa

It is a kind of oil treatment. It aims at discarding the unhealthy elements from the body by means of sweating, purgation, enema by using special kashayam (vasthi) and Nasyam. It is a cleaning body treatment.

7. Vata Kalpa

It is a system of treatment specially formulated by Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya, Dr. Jinu’s grand father. It employs special medicines and massages to cure cervical spondylosis, IVDP, rheumatic and osteo ailments of neck related diseases.






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