Svaztha Ayurveda wellness is the brand promoted by Chempenkulam Ayurveda Pharma, which was established in 1968 by C.A. Gopi Vaidya, son of late Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya.

Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya, was one of the famous Ayurveda Panchakarma physician of the erstwhile Travancore (kerala). Chempenkulam is a traditional family of vaidyas dedicated to Ayurveda, and has been serving the people for the last eight generations in mid Kerala.

They are -

Late. Shri. Itty Vaidya
Late. Shri. Ittan Vaidya
Late. Shri. Konthi Vaidya
Late. Shri. Chennan Vaidya
Late. Shri. Kelan Vaidya
Late. Shri. Kunjukuttan Vaidya
Late. Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya and now by
Gopi Vaidya and his son
Dr. Jinu Vaidya
Mr.Gopi Vaidya is charioteer of the Chempenkulam Ayurveda.

Dr. Jinu Vaidya, is managing the group and practices as Ayurveda Panchakarma specialist. He is awardees of the Ayurveda Acharya (BAMS) from the MGR Medical University of Chennai. He has specialized in Ayurveda orthopedic treatments - especially 'neck pain' (cervical spondylytis) - inheriting the special ability from his grand father, Late. Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya.

Mrs. Dr. Jeena Jinu, his life-partner is also from a traditional Ayurveda family, and is presently serving the government of Kerala as an Ayurveda Medical Officer.

Mrs. Meena Gopi Vaidya, Dr. Jinu's mother, is serving as the Chief Controller of Chempenkulam Ayurveda pharma’s productions.

Specialities of Svaztha Ayurveda Wellness

In the olden days, Chempenkulam Ayyappan Vaidya had prepared the medicines for the use of royal and aristocratic families. He used to make it with valuable and rare medicines. Now we also make the same kind of 'medicines ' without actually losing any of its traditional qualities. In the preparation of medicines , Chempenkula adopts special and traditional methods.

  • Strict quality control is ensured
  • Medicines are prepared in the traditional and special metal vessel- 'panchaloha' pathra (made of gold, silver, copper, iron, and brass).
  • Only prescribed types of fire woods are used.
  • Organic sesame is bought directly from the farmers, and the oil is extracted in wooden grinders – as it was in olden days.
  • The herbals are collected from own garden and from the heart of Periyar Tiger Reserve Forest by the tribal.
  • Svaztha Ayurveda Wellness”s massage oils are stain less and non-greasy.
  • In preparation of oils, Svaztah Ayurveda Wellness uses only organic herbals, which ensures no side effects.
  • All these are to ensure high quality and purity.
  • GMP certified
  • Drugs controller approved
  • Export license from Govt. of India





Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya

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