Kerala Ayurveda Massage

In Kerala Ayurveda massage separate kinds of oils are used for body massage and head massage. For instance 'Brami' oil is used for head massage and 'Raksha' oil for body massage.

It is advisable to take an Ayurveda oil massage once in a week or at least once in a fortnight. For example, any machine would run well if it is lubricated often. Similarly a human body becomes very supple when an Ayurveda oil massage in given.

Abhyangam (Kerala Ayurveda oil massage) can keep away fatigue, body pain, tissue damage, skin diseases, infections, obesity, hair falling and premature aging at bay. It can provide efficiency, physical care, bodily strength, sleep, memory power, skin softness, etc. It has been found that Abhyangam (oil massage) if taken on Monday improves beauty, on Wednesday it increases wealth, and on Saturdays it gives better erotic experiences.

Method of Blending of Ayurveda Massage Oil

Ayurveda massage oils are quite different from the other kind of massage oils available in the market, by virtue of its properties and preparations.

In order to prepare 1 litre 'Thailam' (Ayurveda Massage oil), 1 kilogram of dried herbs are boiled in 16 liters of water until it is reduced to just 4 liters of 'Kasha yam' (decoction). And then 120 gm. of medicines (powdered and ground) as 'Kalkam' (paste) and 1 liter juice of fresh herbs - 'Swarasam' are added to the oil and mixed together, and boiled in low flame until the whole water of the mixture is vaporized. While boiling, the medicinal qualities of the herbals are absorbed by the oil, and the oil becomes medicated.




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